Monday, August 6, 2012

obesity and the nanny state

obesity is such a touchy subject for alot of people. there are so many opinions on what causes it what it does to us and how to cure it. I agree it is a hard thing to cure if it can be cured at all.
everyone has ideas, tax fattening foods, force people to diet and exercise or deny them medical care, ban fatty foods, get rid of fast food resturants, I mean the list is endless. everyone has opinions, but what do you do or say when someone wants to force their opinions on you by the power of the state?
they want you to do it their way, but what is their way? I mean how did they arrive at their way of thinking about it?
where did they get the idea that not only is their idea right but that they have a right or responsiblity to force it on others by initiation of force? could it be because they watch to much tv (guilty of this myself sometimes)and put to much faith in what they are told by the "experts"?
what makes them so sure "experts" are right or being honest? how do they know they are not being manipulating to consent (remember the rulers rule by consent of the governed so it is said)to impose unjust measures on others for the sake of _______ fill in the blank.?
could it be arrogance? false sense of alarm? misplaced concern on the behalf of victims? why do people submit to unfair and unjust measures to deal with a crisis such as ____________ ? why do they put so much trust in what "experts" and "rulers" say?
is it because they are brainwashed into thinking if they are in government or science or medicine they somehow have special insight and knowledge to rule over others for their "protection"?
I just don't understand this desire to force ones opinion on others via force, pressure of some kind. it is has if they subscribe to satans ambition to rule, his belief his way is best or at the very least he wants you to think his way is best so he can trick you into disobeying God and suffering for it then turning around and blaming god for your troubles from disobedience.
these nannies whoever they are, either are very foolish,greedy, or just have to much time on their hands and no job skills and have to find a high paying easy job niche to do. maybe they would serve mankind best by setting the example and letting that speak volumes about what will help solve problems. if they have to use force of the state then that means they have no answers, but want to get money and power anyway.

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